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Duniye Spa is a special place on earth. An enchanting expression of warm Maldivian service and world-class standards, Duniye Spa provides holistic well-being that cares for your body and your spirit. 

In Maldivian language, Duniye means “universe”. This is what an experience at Duniye Spa is all about: a universal approach to wellness, using treatments and techniques inspired by the very best of ancient and modern expertise from around the globe. 

Our guests’ experience is our priority and our passion. Every individual has their own health and well-being requirements, and the caring and knowledgeable therapists at Duniye Spa are expert in discerning what is needed to put you back in balance and bliss. Under their skilled and attentive hands, in the beautiful first-rate facilities of Duniye Spa, the world becomes sublime. The gentle sound of the ocean immerses you in tranquillity while the turquoise waters of the lagoon and the splendid colour of the sunset become a pure reflection of your soul finally aligned with the natural healthfulness you were meant for. 

Our well-being and spa services will promote within you a deep sense of calm, joy and connectedness. Beauty and well-being from the inside out. 

Welcome to a truly Maldivian experience of serenity and a happiness that is uniquely you. 


Rest into a mindful ritual to connect to the natural elements and the power within.


Our signature massage: wave-like movements and massage techniques from the oldest traditions around the world evoke a deeply relaxing and uplifting massage experience. Herbal poultices are used to evoke a warm, nutrient rich relaxation to tense muscles. This massage works with the body’s natural energy system to harmonize the energy flow. Utilizing our miracle African Potato body balm to revive your senses whilst enriching your skin with antioxidants & deep hydration.


A freshly ground coconut-vanilla body polish and our coconut hair mask are combined with an Indian head massage using coconut oil infused with rosemary followed by a tropical full body massage with 100% virgin coconut oil. Our bespoken top to toe Signature Ritual uses the essences of 100% pure organic coconut native to the Maldives. Experience profound and deep relaxation; enjoy smooth and hydrated skin and shiny, lustrous hair with the tropical scent of coconut.


The ultimate face & body ritual: Unwind & de-stress with this heavenly combination. Drift away with a Balinese Massage to stimulate the natural balance of body, mind and soul. Enjoy our Healing Earth™ Glow & Radiance Facial, while celestial sounds of our Tibetan singing bowls deepen your relaxation. Rejuvenated, uplifted and deeply relaxed you will walk on clouds after this blissful experience.

At the heart of everything we do is a dedicated team of spa and wellness professionals from around the globe, here to serve you.

We work with passion in our heart and your health and well-being in our mind.

We share the responsibility for our planet and environment.

We use 100% chemical-free, organic and high-quality ingredients in line with the latest scientific research. Our products are not only created with love and care; they are the result of the latest scientific research in the field of organic skin care. Highly effective ingredients such as peptides, Matrixyl, Cranberry extract, Kigelia Africana – just to name a few – ensure only the best is given to your skin.

HealingEarth™ products are developed in line with fair trade and sustainability principles and are 100% organic certified. Allow us to share our passion for beauty, healing and well-being. It is our commitment to inspire and assist you on your path to holistic, joyful and healthy living. If you yearn for relaxation and pampering, visit our Duniye Spa. Our trained therapists know how to relieve the stress from your body and relax your muscles in the special atmosphere of Duniye Spa.