Ever thought of reliving the Mirihi experience back at home or interested in trying your hands at a traditional local craft? It’s our pleasure to share some of our experiences in creating Mirihi magic or the local knowledge passed down from our ancestors with you.

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Would you like to learn how to cook an authentic curry? Then meet our chefs for our Maldivian Cooking Class in the open kitchen of Muraka Restaurant. The local Maldivian and Indian influenced cuisine is truly special – with its various flavours as well as the special cooking techniques used. Our chefs will show you how to prepare delicious Maldivian and Sri Lankan dishes, sharing the secrets of this tasteful cuisine. Available daily upon request, pre-booking latest one day in advance is required. Read more


Mirihi is pleased to unveil our new completely vegan cooking class, allowing guests to discover the art of Maldivian vegan cuisine either during the day or beneath the twinkling stars of the night sky. Set on the tropical island’s waterfront, foodies can book an individual or group interactive cooking class which will be led by the resort’s world-class chefs. Mouth-watering delicacies will include Banbukeo Riha, Baraboa Satani and Dhonkeyo Kajoo. The cooking classes and expert guidance of the hotel’s chefs will see you return home with easy-to-make, treasured recipes which you can enjoy for years to come. This cultural culinary offering can be booked for lunch or dinner. Read more


We will share the recipes of our most popular drinks and signature cocktails. Book your Cocktail Class in Anba Bar and learn the techniques of bartending. You will learn how to prepare three different drinks, which you may enjoy afterwards in a private setup on the beach. Read more


Would you like to know more about the most important fruit in Maldives? Spend a relaxed late morning under the shades of the palm trees and learn everything about the delicious coconut. Almost all parts of the coconut tree, from its roots to its tip, are of use to the locals. See and taste the different stages of this special fruit, find out how palm leaves can be used and have a typical Maldivian coconut snack afterwards. Read more


Have you been fascinated by our daily buffet decoration? Take this opportunity to meet our kitchen artist and be emerged in a world of creativity and beauty. Let us broaden your horizon by teaching unparalleled skills in food presentation and carvings. Experience it for yourself. Read more



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