Yoga practice improves our overall health and unites body, mind and breath. This total mind-body workout increases flexibility, builds muscle strength and boosts immunity. Yoga will help calm the mind and improve focus, to promote a healthy balanced lifestyle.

The Yogi’s story
The story of our yoga instructor is quite unique. Hence we would like to share it with you.

Prasad Danushka Fernando, originally from Sri Lanka joined Mirihi Island Resort as a Commis Chef in Dhonveli Cold Kitchen 10 years ago. He has always been very passionate about his culinary career but also a creative and talented food artist demonstrating his skills in food carving with his artistry being displayed on the gourmet buffets.        

When not in the kitchen Danushka would spend his spare time practicing Yoga with the team members and excelled in both yoga and meditation. Mirihi management recognized his potential and helped him to develop further by providing him with the opportunity to train with a Yoga Guru in an Ashram in India.

Since the end of 2014 Danushka has been our resident Yogi and is adored by all of our guests. Danushka practices Ashtanga yoga for an hour in the morning with guests and an hour of meditation every evening, except on Sundays. Being the in-house artist Danushka also creates artworks and sculptures which are used as buffet decorations.  

About the Yoga Pavilion
The Bageechaa Pavilion – better known as Yoga Pavilion – has been designed in a similar way as our restaurant and bar Dhonveli and Anba. Its look is inspired by the “Odi Haruge”, the boat houses of Maldivian villages. ‘Odi Haruge’, don’t have any supporting columns in the center of the building and usually have very low roof eaves.

The yoga pavilion was named after the surrounding garden with  “bageechaa” meaning garden in Dhivehi the local language.

Body & soul program



In these times we are striving more and more for a balance of our body and soul. As we should not limit us to working only on our body, we should search for healing our soul within. We all know there is no perfect recipe for it – but there is for our healthy drinks at Mirihi. 

Staying with us will calm you down and appreciate the nature surrounding us and our special drinks will give you an energy boost and will help your body to get stronger. 

Superfood ingredients such as chia seeds, coriander and bell pepper are not the usual products you might use for a cocktail or smoothie, but surely their unique taste will pop your tastebuds. Our “Chia Joy” Smoothie combines coconut water, banana, coconut flesh and chia seeds. All together a delicious and healthy mixture. Moreover, we are also offering tasty drinks with vegetables, such as our “Green Machine” – bell pepper and fresh coriander leaves are the highlight of this drink. Additionally, to that we offer more non-alcoholic drinks that help your body to de-stress to another level and let your soul soar. 




Mirihi is pleased to unveil our new completely vegan cooking class, allowing guests to discover the art of Maldivian vegan cuisine either during the day or beneath the twinkling stars of the night sky. Mouth-watering delicacies will include Banbukeo Riha, Baraboa Satani and Dhonkeyo Kajoo. This cultural culinary offering can be booked for lunch or dinner.




Regular exercise is one of the most important aspects to maintain optimum well-being. Our fully equipped, state-of-the-art fitness centre is available on a complimentary basis for those who wish to keep in shape and work off those extra pounds from the tempting dishes in our restaurants.