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In the warm waters of the azure Indian Ocean lies a tropical dream island – Mirihi Island Resort.

Just 350 meters in length and 50 meters in width, this tiny gem with it’s pristine nature, fringed-palm beaches and powdery sand, authentic hospitality and celestial quietness invites you to leave your shoes behind and enjoy the ‘art of doing nothing’.

Ringed by 6 km of spectacular house reefan underwater playground for sea turtles, reef sharks, eagle rays and hundreds of varieties of rainbow-hued fish and our own shipwreck, Mirihi is only a short boat ride from South Ari Atoll Marine Protected Area where whale sharks and manta rays are spotted regularly throughout the year.

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Located in a remote corner of South Ari Atoll, Mirihi is      85 km from Velana International Airport and can be reached by seaplane or domestic airline.

A 30-minute awe-inspiring seaplane flight over the stunning reef formations, virgin islets, endless lagoons of every shade of blue, will take you to our little Paradise. While you wait to board the seaplane, you will be invited to our cosy Mirihi Lounge at the seaplane terminal, where you could refresh and complete the check-in formalities before arriving at the island. 

Seaplanes operate only during the daylight hours. Guests arriving in Maldives during late hours may take the domestic flight to a nearby island followed by a short boat ride to Mirihi.